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Startup LLC is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurial-minded first-year students. Participants can expect to be immersed in Texas A&M University’s entrepreneurship ecosystem through programs and events designed by McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship.

What You’ll Do

During the fall and spring semesters, Startup LLC participants will attend events and activities, focused on growing a student’s entrepreneurial skill-set.

Events– expose students to the mindset of entrepreneurship through interaction with successful entrepreneurs and hands-on activities for exploring the 21st century global entrepreneurial economy.

Activities– residents will join successful entrepreneurs in discussions, participate in various leadership trainings, meet for group meals, and go on tours of local small businesses.

Entrepreneurial Identity- through benchmark discussions, each Startup LLC participant will work one on one with a McFerrin Center Program Manager to identify how they see themselves as an entrepreneur after their time here on campus. This provides a chance for our team to customize an experience specifically for each participant.

Is the Startup LLC Right for You?

Are you obsessed with Shark Tank?
Do you always think of solutions to problems, big or small?
Do you think people have the power to change the world? Did you start your own business in High School?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re a perfect fit for Startup LLC.

Other requirements:

Be an incoming freshman of any major.
Desire to be housed in the White Creek Apartments.
Complete an online housing application through the TAMU Residence Life myHousing Portal and indicate interest in participating in an LLC.

Steps to join Startup LLC:

Complete an online housing application through the TAMU Residence Life myHousing Portal and indicate interest in participating in an LLC.

Include the Startup LLC as one of the top choices on the housing application.

Elaborate as to why you want to be part of Startup LLC in the appropriate section of the online housing application.

It’s important to note that Startup LLC is competitive. Students who complete a quality and timely application are given preference.

During a specific period of time, students selected for this program will be able to choose a roommate(s) from other students selected for the same Living Learning Program. Students may post profiles within the myHousing Portal and view responses by other students to their roommate questionnaire (i.e., sleep schedule, noise, cleanliness, etc.). Following this specific time period, students will be assigned a room with their requested roommate within the block of rooms designated for the Living Learning Program.

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