Entrepreneurs EXPOSED


Do you find yourself wondering what it’s REALLY like to start your own business while in college? Then look no further than the McFerrin Center’s newest series, Entrepreneurs EXPOSED!!! Featuring current student startup leaders, you will be introduced to a community of fellow Aggies that have taken the plunge and are actively building a business while also furthering their education at Texas A&M. Through these informal and intimate discussions, you can gain insights from students whose startups are tackling big problems in a variety of industries and learn from their experiences how to juggle the daily demands of being a student and an entrepreneur. 

Fall 2023 Dates

Tuesday, Sept. 26 | 7 p.m.
featured Trinity Davis ’26 (FINC), author of Jona, and Diana Salha ’25 (BSPH), business lead of Cosnetix

Trinity Davis ’26, a finance major, is the published author of “Jona.” Trinity was inspired to write “Jona,” which walks readers through a slave’s journey to freedom, during her high school freshman English class and went on to publish the novel at age 17. With a lifelong love of developing stories, characters and literary themes, Trinity has transformed those passions into entrepreneurship via the business side of literature and has also participated in two of the McFerrin Center’s Student Marketplaces.

Diana Salha 25 is the CEO and co-founder of Cosnetix while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public health and a minor in business. The conceptual groundwork for Cosnetix was laid at the McFerrin Center’s fall 2022 Startup Fast Pass. This innovative startup leverages AI technology to recommend skincare products that are currently on the market based on an individual’s genetics and phenotypic traits.